5 Common Traits Of Prospects and How to Use These For Your Advantage

The problem with searching for prospects is that you don't know who you are going to pick up when you are working with a cold market.

Maybe they will be "the one" that takes you from zero to hero...

Maybe they will be another tire kicker.

but the problem is, you don't know what you are getting until you spend a lot of time trying to get them.

and this is where the breakdown begins when it comes to prospecting online.

So before you head out to search out another group, or message another stranger, let me tell you that No matter your industry, product, or service… ALL qualified prospects share five common traits.

and if you don't utilize these traits to make the connection, there won't be a connection.

This is the very reason your sign ups and sales are not consistent.

And if you want to increase your numbers, you have to reach directly into the hearts and minds of your prospect.

The great news is, that is super simple once you know how to do it .

Ready to dive in?

1. They're in pain.

Quick story…

I recently tweaked my back from working out a little too strenuously.  My back pain seems to come and go at the most inconvenient times.

Even though I have tried all kinds of different things to make it go away, I'm not getting the relief I want.

At a a friends home (who happens to be in an MLM) when she said to me…

“I’ve got a product I think would really help your back.”

Which completely tweaked my curiosity  because I was in pain.

But understand, I was not interested in her  opportunity. 

and  I didn’t wake up that particular morning and think…

“Boy, I really wish somebody in an MLM would pitch me on a product to relieve my back pain.”

All I wanted was RELIEF from my pain.

Here’s the point… Everyone is experiencing some kind of pain—right now!  It could be physical, emotional, or psychological.

Maybe it’s just a deep-seated insecurity that everyone feels at one time or another in life.  What they’re looking for is relief from their pain.  Sometimes I hear marketers say…

“Hey, I don’t want to lead with negativity. I want to be that person that gives people a sense of hope. I want to give people a sense of feeling good about their lives.”

Nothing wrong with that!   

But to be an effective marketer… You have to meet people where they are, NOT where you are!  Most people don’t wake up thinking to themselves…

“Man, I sure wish somebody with an MLM business would call me, so I could get rid of my money today.”

They’re not looking for your business, your product, or your service.  What they are looking for is a SOLUTION to their pain.  That’s one of the most important distinctions entrepreneurs and business leaders must understand.  So when you’re marketing, you must offer solutions to their pain.

Most people purchase because they have a pain that needs immediate attention.

So it's really important to take a moment to recognize where they are...you know, genuinely listen before pitching the solution.

Because all your prospect wants to know is…

“What’s in it for me—right now? I’m experiencing pain and I want to get past it!”

When you address their pain in your marketing, your goal isn’t to make them feel worse about their situation.

But it is about waking them up.

Remind them of what brought them to you, what their pain is, and what relieving that pain might look like for them.

2. They're going to be guarded.

Most people have been inundated with too many  marketing messages.

Especially from network marketers.

They’ve heard it all – inflated promises, broken promises, etc.  And they’re jaded. Skeptical.  Who wouldn’t be with all the stuff we are pounded over the head with, day in and day out?

You have to meet people where they are.  When you do this, that is truly showing that you care.

When you care, they care and when they know you care, they will begin to feel like they can trust you.

This is not a coercive or manipulative approach, but rather an authentic experience where you get to operate out of integrity and empathy.

The most influential way to break through someone’s skepticism…is to ask questions!

Ask questions in all your messages—your ads, your blog posts, your conversations, your live videos.  Isn’t it interesting that if you lead with a question, it engages people?

So we have to stop bombarding people with another message of facts and information.

But rather, we need to pay close attention to your prospect by asking them questions.

and you can do this on a live or on a written post.

When you ask questions coming from a place of genuine curiosity, people open up, lower their guard, and become more open to possibilities about solutions for their pain.

3. They're going to lack clarity.

Even though people are clear about their pain…  They’re skeptical of information, and they’re not clear about what they need to relieve their pain.

Of course, everyone is giving them advice...

  • “Buy this”
  • “Do that.”
  • “Don't do this.”
  • “Blah blah blah"

This causes overwhelm and people will shut down. 

What people really need is clarity.

One or two key pieces of information – not 92 details.

Because too much information will keep people overloaded, and stuck.  

So don’t give them 92 steps to build a business…101 questions to ask new prospects…the top 50 objections your customers have. That’s too much to process!

Help them walk into a place of clarity,  and they will start moving closer toward a buying decision.

4. They want to be led.

With everyone's busy life, most people just want to be lead to the answer.

Notice I didn't say they want to be told the answer.

Which is why you need to own your position as a leader and say to yourself…

“Listen. I’m here to lead. I genuinely care about these you and  I believe in what I’ve got. My job is to guide you into understanding, not pummel you with facts."  

I truly believe that YOU are a leader.

and when you have someone break down the simplicity of leadership, it sets you free to not have to be the expert in everything.

It's time to be a guide for your prospect.

PS - this applies to all content that you will be delivering on your lives and posts. Don't word vomit a bunch of information, but rather with genuine authenticity, be a guide by leading your prospect into clarity.

5. They are human beings.

When you start looking at your numbers and what you need to rank up, it’s easy to dehumanize your market.  You’ll think and talk about your market as nothing more than numbers—as possibilities to make money.

But remember: on the other side of every email address, opt-in, or click on your website or link is a living, breathing human being.

Yes, they may have insecurities that can come off as ego, fear, or self-defense.  That’s okay.  Meet them and interact with them where they are.  These are human beings with real fears, hopes, dreams, and desires

So take a step back and remember what it is that brought you to this industry.  Was it just the money?  Or was it more about helping other people and creating a beautiful life for yourself by helping other people create the same thing for themselves?

Your role is to help them build a bridge between the pain of where they are now to the kind of life they truly want.

Even though your prospects may have 125 key traits, keep it simple.

No matter how you are connecting with them, be it through advertising, video, blog posts, status updates, webinars, or Facebook Lives...

Or even a face-to-face conversation, phone call,  or Zoom...

Remember it’s essential for you to OWN your role as a leader and help people get where they want to be by showing up and being authentic in what you have to offer.

This is why you can't just send a message out and target everyone.

Yes, I know this is what you are told to do, but all too often, network marketers chase down absolutely everyone, without first qualifying them or even seeing if they are serious about learning more.

The result?

Most networkers end up prospecting and recruiting the people who are most likely to waste their time and never do anything.  Boo!

Luckily there’s a solution, which is to realize that everyone is NOT your prospect, and to use the tools available today to identify, target, and qualify your prospects—automatically, 24/7, using the Internet.

And the online space is changing and what used to work is no longer working.

Which is why I will show you in real time, what is exactly working, today... this year... and this means you will be able to attract people who are already interested in what you have to offer—instead of having to chase them down.

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What do you think?

Do you think internet marketing is the wave of the future for network marketing and other businesses?

It's time to create more online wins! 

Julie K