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Here's What's Included:

Top 12 Social Media Strategies Posting Guide (Guide)

This includes the top posting strategies that are working today and comes with 12 templates and examples to make creating posting content easy. 

Top 100 Trigger Words To Use Online (Guide)

This is the list myself and my high end clients use when creating content.  Don't just use any words, but use best words that are proven to cause your prospects to take action. 

Prospect Awareness Framework (Video + Graphic)

Knowing where your prospect is on this framework is key for getting your business into media marketing success.

Gain immediate understanding as to why just throwing something out there (online) doesn't always produce results and what to do instead! 

Join me as I break down how not knowing this 5 phase framework is stalling out your business growth and I'll show you how to utilize it so you can get faster online results. 

INCLUDES: Visual graphic for easy access and understanding.   

Maximum Return Effect (Video)

Ever consider that your business should have a predictable monthly growth factor?   Being online with your business can produce results that investors only dream about.  I'll break it all down and show you how lucrative your online buisness can really be and what you need to do for utilize online trends that'll produce rapid downline growth. 

Does Facebook Prospecting Still Work? (Video)

Many say to use groups, posts and messaging to grow your downline. If that's true, then why isn't it working? I'm gonna break down what are the best platforms to be on and what makes them so effective.  We are in an online only economy and it's time to work with trends that work for you.  This creates leveraged efforts for fast growth!   

Duplicate And Multiply (Video)

Duplication is a buzz word in network marketing. There are two ways to have duplication and you've only been taught one of them.  The one you haven't been taught is the one that you need in order to multiply your business results online FAST! 

Turbocharged Predictability (Video)

It's possible to be able to predict your monthly sign ups when you have predictability. Business is NOT a guessing game. It's a smooth machine that should be working for you and bringing you the results you need, but you have to know about online predictability. I break it down here. 

You Are NOT Alone (Video)

Being an entrepreneur can feel lonely at times; especially when the results you expected aren't the results that you are getting. I break down why this is happening and share with you what others are experiencing too.  

Hot List (Video + Cheat Sheet)

It's time to dump the expensive  CRM and other techniques that are robbing your time and money.  This happens when we apply a hotlist to our business strategies. 

Most leaders are chasing down the wrong people because they are not filtering them through a hotlist funneling guide.  If you are ready to stop chasing dead end leads and are wanting to understand a simple sorting system to focus only on money making activities... this is it.

INCLUDES: A cheat sheet for easily funneling your prospects.

Making "The Close" Easy (Video + Guide)

There are 6 questions you should always get answered if you want your prospect to join you.  This is the exact training that i give to my high end clients and today, I'm giving it to you.  If you don't know what to say and how to get your prospect to the "ask" these questions will make your closing conversations easy and effective. 

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