Top earners will act like they are keeping things "old school" but the truth is, they are doing other techniques and that is why their businesses are booming.

Do you want to know what they doing? Would you like to replicate it? 

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Check out these 5 Secrets that Top Earners aren't telling you but you need to know.

1. Be an Influencer. This is an individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of his/her authority, knowledge, position or relationship with his/her audience and it's in a particular niche, with which they actively engage.

It's not just about posting pictures on a wall, sharing funny videos or showing your super cute kids; although that is important, but rather it's about strategic posting that creates value to your target market.

An influencer understands who their target market is and what they want. Then the influencer provides value for that demand.

Statistics say that 20% of those who follow an influencer will purchase from them whatever they offer.

Think about it. You are following your favorite social influencer and they come out with a super cute "T" or they are sporting the latest "XYZ".

Because you know, like and trust them, you are probably more willing to purchase from them when they make the offer.

Let me break this down further. If this influencer has 20k followers and 20% will purchase that's 4k people that will purchase an offer. If you are making $10 per purchase that is $40,000 in their pocket.

The reality is that leaders aren't selling their programs, tips or more for $10. They are selling them for $49, $249 or even $549. You've seen them, right?

Just for kicks, I'm going to do the math for you. In the above scenario that would break down to $196,000 or $996,000 or $2,196,000.

I'm not throwing any emotional hype into this.. it's just the cold, hard, facts.

It's going to take time to become an influencer and it varies per person, but the reality is, time is going to pass and what do you want to have on the other side of time?

To be an influencer takes skill, a plan of action and some time.

Which brings me to their second secret.


2. Know How To Connect.  Whether offline or online, you gotta know how to connect with people.  I know, it can sound cliche, but it's so true. The sale is made in the connecting.

Influencers know that in order to influence they have to be able to get people to know, like and trust them. If you are building offline, this is true. If you are building online, it's still the same truth.

In order to build that repertoire, the key is learning to connect with people.  Connecting is like putting a spotlight on the other person. It's about the prospect more than it is about yourself, your product or your company.

Most top earners have to develop this skill.  I guarantee they were not born with it.

Everyone has the opportunity to be a great connector but the question is, how badly do you want to be a top earner?

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I promise you, your sale is not made because you have the greatest lotion or potion; or because you have the hottest supplement on the market. The sale isn't made because your company is a billion dollar company or because it's a brand new start-up that has a ground floor opportunity.

The sale is made in the connection.  Top earners know this and this is why they take the time to connect with their tribe providing real value and real content.

3. Understand and Implement the 70.30 Rule.  They live by a 70/30 rule.  This one is a biggie.  Top earners are NOT running around in management mode. Think about it. If you are managing tasks, managing people, shuffling paper.. you get the picture.. you aren't making money.

Top earners will spend 70% of their time on money making activity.  This means actively talking to someone about their opportunity.  Not finding people to talk to.. not making a list of people to talk to.  The bulk amount of their time is spent closing the deal.

Would you believe that 30% of their time is on management.  Social media posts, follow-up with their team, etc.

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There is no top earner in your business that just accidentally stumbled upon a secret method that took them to the top.

A doctor, a lawyer, a business person or a top earner. NO ONE gets to their position without investing in themselves. Have you heard of the 4 year career?

Maybe you have a four year career through a degree, maybe you have done it through hard knocks.  But everyone has paid a price.  You can pay the price of time and low income; you can pay to hire a school to teach you or you can hire a mentor.

Reading books, Ted Talks, Youtube, etc. is a definite must. 

However, don't be fooled, it's not going to fill in the missing pieces for you.  And it's going to take a long  time to get there trying to put together your own pathway.

The reality is, most people won't make it on their own. Hiring/Partnering/Being connected to a mentor is investing in yourself.  I promise you, no mentor will leave you with missing pieces and slow down your success.

Don't cheapen yourself by not investing in yourself. You are worth it!

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Being a Lone Ranger is not only lonely, but you will be  building in sloth mode. Get a professional to help you cut your time in half.  Otherwise, if you have a mentor that can help you implement these steps...use them!


4. Take it Online.  Top earners know how to grow their business through social media platforms using engagements, ad placement and most importantly conversion ads.

Maybe you have tried this method and it has produced a big fat ZERO in results.. or... maybe it has worked for you a little... or maybe you are scared to tackle it because you don't know where to begin.

Everyone has to begin somewhere and top earners bit the bullet and began the process of learning and this is why they are where they are.

The problem is, you didn't see their struggle. You didn't see their defeat. You only saw their victory.

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If you took the time to read to the bottom of this list, then you are one of those that have what it takes to achieve success.  You don't quit.  Because you are the kind of person that will look and look until the answer is revealed; this is why I know you will achieve what you have set out to do.

I know what it is like to be in a searching mode because that used to be me.  I had no online presence, I was keeping it old school like my upline told me to do and I just wasn't having much success.
What made a difference for me is this guide called the Online Recruiting Course.  I clicked on it and it literally sent me on a journey of discovery.

Yes, I was a bit apprehensive at first.

Yes, it was learning something completely new.

But I believed in my dream more than I believed in my fear.

My first month, I didn't have the story of how I recruited 3,648 people into my business, but I did grow my leads list by over 500 people who asked me to influence them and I grew my income over 400%.   I also signed up 15 in my business to be business builders.

Maybe that is not earth shattering to you, but to someone that had little results before starting, I was thrilled.

I went from humble beginnings to helping 100's of people just like yourself take their business to the next level.

So what about you?

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If you are tired of no results, the best thing I recommend to do is to change up what you are doing and get the skills needed to produce the results you desire.

I wish you all the best,


Julie Kinne
Keeping It Real

Business Strategist and Online Coach

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