This is going to be a little controversial.

But I'm going to save you years of frustration, and help you achieve success much, much faster. 

Here's the thing...

Doing network marketing tactics the "Old School Way" is pretty much a thing of the past.  

Sure, you can still have those home meetings, go talk to strangers and invite all your friends over, but honestly, even if people had time for this, no one really wants to do it and these tactics are on their last leg.  

I know, it is possible that this is going against what you've been taught.

But don't let that cloud your judgement like it did mine for years and years.  

Because I have to tell you, I know quite a few who have had incredible success doing things  'old-school' but they did it years ago and even though they are teaching these "Old School Methods", I know for a fact, they aren't doing them. 

I mean look...

A couple of decades ago, using newspaper ads to advertise your business was super effective and people made a ton of money with that. 

Yet how well do you think this once proven tactic will work today?

The point is...

The times are changing.

If you want to sponsor new people into your business, you need to roll with the times.

Imagine if you were still buying cassette tapes to listen to music?

Because the reality is, Blockbuster video is no longer in existence because they could not keep up with the times.  

What Getting Left Behind Looks Like…

Getting left behind looks like taxi cabs not being dominant any longer. Blackberry not being relevant and AOL is no longer relevant. 

To a network marketer, getting left behind means slower results, less team, more "hours" into your business and less eyes on your opportunity. 

So let's take a look at how Facebook works.  

Facebook 101: Why Facebook isn't (just) a social network

Most people think that Facebook exists to be a social platform. Yet the reality is, is that is all Facebook focuses on, they wouldn't be a business.  
Facebook is an advertising platform and that is its primary product. 

The ONLY way Facebook makes money is through advertising.

Now, Facebook has a cool philosophy regarding their advertising and what they allow and don't allow, because they don't want to ruin our experience.

But at the same time…

Facebook is a business

and Facebook allows advertisers like me (and those that I coach) to target people (like you). It's actually that simple. 

We are allowed to target anyone according their interests, their personal profile and their actions that they make not this platform. 

In fact, Facebook can track your behavior:
     * What you click on
     * What you buy
     * Who you like  
     * What you watch

So when you target people that have the interests that your product has a solution for, you are targeting people that are already interested in your company. 

This allows you to avoid the whole rejection scenario all-together

and it means that by the time they reach out to you, they are already interested in what you have to offer. 

Because here's the thing about this “new frontier” of online network marketing…

It's happening, whether you, your upline or your company like it or not

When you use Facebook for what it is specifically designed for, you are creating for yourself  an advantage when it comes to building your business; whether it's network marketing, direct sales,  vitamins weight loss for whatever.

so instead of fighting the trends, the smart thing to do is to ask, "How can I ride the trends for massive growth? How can I use technology to accelerate a Rockstar Team?"

Network marketing seems to be the only industry which ignores innovation and tries to pretend that it isn't happening.

And, if you're trying to ignore the trends as a leader, how did that work out for Blockbuster Video?

Companies go extinct when they don't serve the needs of the modern era.

That is what's happening in the world right now, and you have to wake up and be hip to it so you can fast track your team. 

The exciting reality is that there are so many 7 figure earners that are using 100% online methods and they have never met their team in person. 

They attract them online, they close them online and they put them through an online training system. 

Building Online is a Better Way and It's Saving Your Relationships & Network Marketing at the Same Time

Up until recently, people in network marketing just accepted that broken relationships and painful experiences with family and strangers were just part of being successful.

But it doesn't have to be. 

I mean, challenges are always a part of your business but we don't need to make more work for ourselves and cause more divisions in our relationships in order to be successful.  

So if you're serious about building a business in today’s evolving world, then I highly recommend getting access to my flagship product, Attraction Marketing Formula, which is a complete roadmap to creating your own prospecting machine without damaging your relationships or spamming strangers. 

With the attraction marketing techniques that are taught in the Attraction Marketing Formula, you can start PASSIVELY attracting prospects who already are eager to join.

In Attraction Marketing Formula, I give you the same system I used to…

  • Get leads and prospect for myself without having to pick up the phone to cold call or deal with rejection from tire-kickers ever again.
  • Get highly motivated prospects with a few keystrokes, real people who actually WANTED to see what I had!
  • Recruit people and make sales without even talking to them, until they signed up or submitted an application first!


I hope this offered you some perspective and things to think about.

All my best, 

Julie K.