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Next Steps Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect to pay $5/day to run your ads + $75/month to get all the systems (through 3rd party software) in place. 

YES!! Whether you are in network marketing (nwm), direct sales, or a traditional business structure the formula is the same. 


The words might slightly adjust but the process in which you obtain leads, warm them up and then obtain them as a customer/team member is the same. 🙂

It depends on how good you are at closing so that ROI is up to you!


We do have closing call support training calls that will help you in this skill if needed.

We guarantee that if you follow what we say to do, you will get leads.

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You will get everything you need to set up your automation online to begin getting leads into your business. 

Most husbands are logical and although they believe in you, they want to see a logical solution that they can tether themselves to. Here's what many of our students have done to help their husbands get clarity on what is being offered.

Help them understand that this is a training program. For example if you said I want to go to school to become an aesthetician or an accountant… This is like that. It's a training school to teach you how to do marketing media skills and the great news is, you can use these skills with your business.

As a matter of fact, start dreaming with your husband as to how these digital skills will help you launch other businesses down the road.

This academy is more than just another hack to try to get your current business to grow... but rather this is a lifelong skill. It's an investment in your family's future and any additional endeavors you choose to do.

For example, if you want to run somebody else's social media for them… And charge $1000 a month, you can. I have students that do this. If you want to launch your own product line and be able to sell it down the road… You'll know how to do that and get your message out there.

We're going to focus on how to apply this to your current opportunity, but it's a real world skill that you can use in multiple ways.

So start dreaming and start taking action today.

When you explain it to your husband in this way, a lot of times, it makes sense to them and it's helpful for their journey.

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