Are you desperate for people?  Does it feel like there are never enough people to talk to?

I remember thinking, if I just had enough people to talk to, I would be able to grow my business.

The reality is, not everyone that you meet is the right fit for what you are doing.

I promise you, you don't want just anyone in your business.

If you are new, you may not understand this statement quite yet , but just go ahead and bring in the complainer, the Debbie-downer, the unmotivated team member and you will see, that they can take up a lot more energy than you have to spend and they still won't produce the results you need.

So how do you attract the right people?

Maybe you know enough to put together a target market and if you do, that's good.

But that is where most people the target market.

And this is the $100,000 mistake. When you stop with just a target market, you have lost the opportunity for massive growth.

What really needs to be addressed is your avatar.

So let me break this down.

To market your product or service the first thing you need to do is to get a clear picture of who you are talking to.

Not a generic picture.  Let's pretend you are in health and wellness company.  Most people will say, I am looking for anyone that needs health and wellness. Obviously that would be everyone.

When this is the method of finding your perfect customer, you will look at everyone as a prospect.  So you speak generically to everyone about a generic topic of health and wellness.

When you speak generically your audience hears generic terms and will not be able to pull it into their personal reality for application.

I mean, sometimes you a blind squirrel finds a nut, but there is a whole lot of ground to travel before getting to your perfect prospect that is looking for what you are offering.

This breeds frustration and overwhelm.

Now, let's say you create an avatar.  You know their name, where they work, where they shop, their favorite sayings, how many kids they have or don't have, their age and so on and so forth...

When you speak or write copy that is talking to that direct person, they will hear you and respond.  It's no longer a generic copy but a copy that speaks your customer's language and causes them to want to hear more of what you have to say.

Before we get into the how-to, let's dive a little bit deeper into the avatar.

Get Clarity for Results That You Are Excited About

There are five key ingredients when creating your customer avatar. You will be able to extract these important ingredients in multiple ways.

​Using existing customers that you have or others have hopes to more accurately put your List together

One way to accurately discover your perfect customer avatar is by looking at the people that you have already had success with.

When you look at the characteristics of your current customers, distributors or business partners, you'll become intimately familiar with their characteristics.

If you don't have enough of a sample size to look at, look at your another competitor's existing customer base to get a more clear idea for you.

If neither of these options are available, then move to the next step.

Make assumptions where you have no feedback or data

Whatever you do, don't get stuck. Move forward. Don't wait up for interviews, surveys and such to be completed in order to create your first draft of an avatar. Make assumptions for you have no data or feedback and put it on your short to do list to complete your research as more information comes in.

In the meantime, you'll be getting benefits from an avatar you've built from the assumptions you've made.

Let's begin with the goals and values of your perfect prospect.

  • What kind of results are they looking for?
  • What is their non-negotiable's? - meaning what will they not bend on? For a lot of people, it's their faith.
  • What do they lay in bed at night dreaming about?

Get as specific as you can about answering these questions.

When you step into this part of your avatar, it's critical to help determine the where of your customer avatar.

You'll determine the best places to target them and you'll be able to use the lingo AKA. The wordsThat these particular sources use so that you'll be speaking their language.

This section will address questions such as

  • What books do they read?
  • What conferences would they attend?
  • What gurus do they follow?

The idea is defined the books, blogs, gurus and more that your idea avatar would be attracted to - but no one else would.

When placing ads, you often be able to laser target your audience by focusing on the niche and interests and this will exclude less than ideal prospects

​When you apply demographics to your perfect prospect, this is when they begin to come to life.

This is where you get inside the head of your avatar and it's helpful when choosing targeting options in ad platforms like Facebook.

Additionally, when writing content, it makes it easy to write as if your prospect is sitting across the table from you.

This is where you break down someone's age, gender and location.

​When you can identify their challenges and pain points, then you'll be able to write copy that builds solutions for them. You'll be able to use the language that addresses them and their issues in your marketing messages.

Look at why you're avatar would not buy your product or service. These types of objections have to be addressed in your marketing.

When you address these objections and pain points and use something called inductive reframing to help them come to the conclusion that they need what you're offering, that's when you have success.

For example, let's say your avatar is afraid to take their business online because they're not getting results right now with their online efforts.

So your marketing could look something like this...

​I know that you haven't gotten results with your online efforts before and so your wondering how you're going to make it work now? I know what this feels like because I was posting and posting and not getting any results. But when I found a step-by-step system that I could utilize, it took me from cricket to my in box blowing up. If you had a step-by-step system to show you how to do it, do you think you would be able to get results to?

We don't want to ignore their objections, we want to help address them and so they can work through it in their minds.

Start By Building A Single Avatar

Start by building a single avatar and once you start to see results, you can begin to tweak it and make it even more refined.

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Because when you have your perfect prospect, you will have more results from the effort you put in.

This is one of the steps that I used to go from stuck and frustrated and no one responding to today I am literally waking up with 20+ people a day reaching out to me.

Now, I don't have to reach out to others, they reach out to me.

Life becomes very different when your prospect is chasing you.

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Julie Kinne
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