Lesson 5 - Launching Your Likes Campaign

OPTIONAL:  Having a min. of 100 likes on your Facebook page is wisdom (not required) because it creates social proof of you as the brand.

Most people don't have enough friends to take them to 100...if that is you.. no worries, I didn't either.

Just launch a likes campaign and get yourself to your first 100!

There are 2 ways to do this.

1. Invite your friends to your page

2. Create a likes campaign

3. Download "Words To Get You Banned"  This list is NOT all-inclusive because it is constantly being adjusted. You must search out the policies and procedures of www.facebook.com/business/help from time to time to take responsibility for your business following the rules. It's not as hard as you think.. but I want you to know this is imperative that you check on it every so often.

4. Print off the words to get you banned list. Don't lose it. 

1. Watch the video
2. Make a decision on the best avenue for you and your business and if it is to have social proof then get your campaign of inviting and/or running a likes campaign started!  
3. Familiarize yourself with the list of no-no words. 
4. Go back and make sure you didn't use any words from that list. I know that seems super simple, but it's easy to miss something from the list and it will get your ad disapproved. 


HOW LONG DO YOU NEED TO RUN YOUR LIKES CAMPAIGN? - as long as you want to add followers to your page? 

HOW MANY SHOULD I ADD TO MY PAGE? - as many as you want. There is no right or wrong answer. Some people will add 100.. some will let it run to 1000, this is a business decision. 😊

WHAT DO I DO WHEN SOMEONE LIKES MY PAGE? - Nothing. Chasing after someone that only likes your page is like chasing someone down at the grocery store that said hello to you as they passed you in the aisle. Their like is building up your social proof. Make sure you only talk to people who have reached out to you first.