Lesson 2 - Setting Up Your Page

Facebook allows and will encourage you to place sponsored posts that are "fake". This means that it gives the image of a sponsored post but it doesn't really produce long-lasting results.

Most people will use this "low hanging fruit" method and then get discouraged that it's not working. 

But not you... this is where we will begin to set up your professional business page to take your business to the next level with real sponsored posting strategies. 

If you already have a business page, how do you know if you should use what you have or create a new one? 

If your page allows someone to decide if they want to join your business or buy a product based upon what you posted... you are going to need to scrub it. 

However, if you don't have very many likes on your page, you may just want to start over... the decision is yours. 


1. Watch the video
2. Download Additional Page Pointers
3. Set up your business page


if your personal name doesn't work, then choose something close to your personal name. Such as your first and middle name. Your first and middle initial. Your first and maiden name. Your Middle and last name. you get the idea. 

Once you get one that is accepted, you can usually begin to migrate from where you are to where you want to be as long as it isn't a huge change. 

There have been some adjustments in the world of Facebook..

1. You cannot create a user name until you have 25 likes and 1 post created. So get your friends to come over to help you out. After you launch your first ad (later in this module) and you get more likes/follows on your page, you can always remove those 25 friends (if that is something you want to do) 

2. Sometimes Facebook won't take your real name as an option. Here's a couple of ways to navigate this.
          Choose your first name and middle name.
          Your first name and maiden name.
          Be creative. 

What's the perfect solution? There probably isn't one… But this is where the ask method comes into place and I want you to begin to ask yourself what names can you create for yourself that you're willing to stand by long-term and that Facebook will accept.  Don't be afraid to begin testing things out. If you choose a name that closely reflects your original name then 10 days to a month down the road you should be able to adjust it to the name that you actually preferred. 

Don't overthink this.. 

Also, if your choice of categories it's not available… Such as entrepreneur… And then I want you to think about what other categories can you choose that would closely represent you?

For example, could you choose a Business consultant, consulting agency… 

Be creative. 🎯