because I said I would...


because I said I would ...

This file includes 10 Promise Cards to help hold you accountable to your commitments.

A lot of people don’t keep their promises these days. That might just seem like social commentary, but think about how many people promise to quit smoking, graduate, recycle or volunteer… but then don’t. The consequences of broken promises plague the world. Nothing about that is going to change… unless there is something to change it. That is what what "because I said I would..." is about.

These promise cards are used in many different ways around the world. It all started when Alex Sheen created the Promise Card to honor his dad. Cancer took his father’s life in 2012, but Alex chose to focus on how his dad lived, not how he died. Alex’s dad kept his promises. Since then, Promise Cards have been offered through this website at no cost. We have distributed over 13.1 million Promise Cards to 178 different countries. 

We join with this movement because we believe that 

take this and print it off, cut it out, write on it what you're going to do because you said you would..
take a pix of yourself and post it.
we  want to hear your heart and share your vision with you.
this isn't something willy nilly we are asking you to do, but rather strong personal commitment to change your world first (by being faithful to yourself) so you can be the leader you want to be (by 2nd helping others do the same)

let's do this! 💜

you can learn more about this organization through www.becauseisaidiwould.org