STOP! Have You Cleaned Your Wall?

This step is SUPER important! Make sure you scrub your personal AND business page wall from anything that relates to your business, company, products and more.

A rule of thumb is this...

If someone could make a decision to join you or not without even talking based upon what you posted, then it needs to be scrubbed.

This is so important, I will say it again...anything that will cause your prospect to make a decision to join you based upon something that you posted… You need to get rid of.

Don't ask our team if a picture of your product or a post about your company needs to be deleted...

The answer is yes, delete it. lol

Don't ask our team if you can keep some of your wall clean and the other part not cleaned up.

What want you to use "critical thinking" here.

This is your business, if you want to cut corners and potentially sabotage yourself, leave content on your wall.

Our best recommendation is to clean it, all of it. 🎯

Don't try to avoid the work by asking if there is an exception to you and your wall, that's an avoidance strategy.

There are actions in this academy that are absolutes and there are actions that will be your professional decision.

This is an absolute action that we are asking you to do. 🔥

If you have a lot of followers on your page then I recommend cleaning up your page and trying to keep those followers if they are similar to your who.

Yes this might take some time. Yes you might want to hire a teenager to do it for you. 😉

If you don't have a lot of followers but you have a lot to clean up, then you might just want to start over with a brand new page.

The decision is up to you. 💙

Remember, you aren't branding your company or products, you're branding YOU! 🙂