Have you ever wondered where you can find prospects who are ready to buy your products and join your team?  We’re talking prospects who are already qualified and have a high likelihood of joining your business or buying your products.  Well, they’re out there, right now, waiting to hear from you!

Check out this video below from my friend and mentor, Ferny, where he shares exactly how to connect with them…en masse.

In my own journey with network marketing, I have done it all.  My team and I have worked through our list of people that we know, talked to every stranger that we encountered out and about and messaged strangers on social media.  We found out that in order to rapidly expand your network marketing business, you should…

Stop recruiting from your warm and cold markets!

What we are now doing now is recruiting people into our organizations who need minimal training.  People with a high likelihood of immediately building large teams and driving up volume.  Sound interesting?  I’m going to show you how that’s done.

This topic was inspired by something I heard at Eric Worre’s “Social Media Summit.”  The speakers are top people in the network marketing space who have experience building through social media.  And about 90% to 95% of everything that was shared, I completely agree with.  There was one thing, however, I completely disagreed with.

The idea of building a brand came up, and it was mentioned that you may want to consider building a brand around a passion.  Then you can create a community of people that know, like, and trust you.  They suggested, taking whatever thing you’re passionate about, building that audience, and eventually inviting those people to look at your network marketing business.

One example was the “goat yoga” niche.

This idea of building a brand around goat yoga, and then somehow leveraging that to bring people into your business just didn’t make any sense to me.  Some people may be able to do that, but for the most part, it just seems like a massive shift and distraction away from what you’re trying to do.  The person saying this had built traditionally until recently.

Now, they’re using social media and telling people about building a following and a brand in a completely different arena and then somehow leveraging that.

I don’t recommend that plan because…

  • You’re not going to make any money from it
  • It’s a huge distraction

Then, there was even another level of advice, which made the advice even more disturbing.

“Build this brand around your passion. However, it would be a mistake trying to build it around the network marketing niche, if network marketing is your passion.”

I’m thinking…

“This makes absolutely no sense! You’re telling people to build a brand around goat yoga. But the one thing you don’t want them to do is to build a brand around network marketing, which is directly related to what they’re doing?”

The idea that you’d want to build a brand around goat yoga, or baseball, and then thinking that those people would be qualified to be in your network marketing business doesn’t make sense.

*Scratching my head.*

Today, I want to share with you the reasons I have this opinion, and the reason we do things a certain way in Elite Marketing Pro.

There are five different types of people you can potentially go after in your business

I’m going to tell you the one type of person I recommend you concentrate most of your time on.  It’s the reason the people I mentioned earlier are able to exclusively bring people into their business who have a high likelihood of taking massive action, need minimal training, and are very likely to build large teams in their organization.

I want to state my case that if you’re going to be building a brand around a passion, that it should be close to the network marketing niche.  If it’s not the network marketing niche, it can be in affiliate marketing, or it can be broader home business niche.

In any market, there’s essentially five levels of people that you may want to go after.

The first level is…

1. The Clueless

These are people that don’t know they have a problem.  They are not willing to do anything about what’s ailing them in their life.  If they’re overweight, then they’re saying…

“Oh, I’m just big-boned, and there’s nothing I can do about it, so blah, blah, blah.”

There’s no problem, right?

In our market, in the opportunity space, the clueless people are the people that don’t realize they need to make extra income.  These are the people that are just expecting Uncle Sam to take care of them or thinking that their job is going to be there forever.

There’s no rush, no urgency to make any drastic changes, so if you invite these people to an opportunity presentation, they’re going to say…

“Ugh, no thanks.”

It’s just not for them because they’re not in any pain or don’t think there’s a problem to be solved.

In network marketing, we’re taught to go after everybody.  The problem is when we go after everybody, the biggest segment of any market are the clueless.  That’s the reason you deal with so much rejection if you’re using old-school methods to build.

Even if you’re expanding your base of people to talk to using cold market strategies through social media, still, most people you’re going to be interacting with are the clueless.  They don’t even know they have a problem.

The next level is…

2. The Info-Seekers

These people realize they have a problem and they need to solve it.  So, they start seeking information on what potentially can solve the problem.

Maybe they’re in the weight loss niche.  They’re probably doing some basic Google searches on how to lose weight quickly, or how to lose 10 pounds next week.  They haven’t really invested anything, but they’re searching for information.

In the opportunity space, these are the opportunity-seekers.  They realize…

“Hey, I need to make some more money. I wonder what I could do.”

But they haven’t invested in anything.  They don’t have a business mindset.  They don’t know that investing in a business is going to cost money and be a lot of work.  They have no clue, but hey, at least they’re searching.

Info-seekers and opportunity-seekers are the same thing.  It’s just info-seekers is a generic term for any market.  The opportunity-seekers in our space are the people that are looking to do something to make extra money.  They have no idea in terms of the commitment and hard work that it’s going to take to make any money.

The next level is a subset of the info-seekers.

3. The Researchers

These are people who have done a lot of research and spent a lot of time looking at products or opportunities similar to yours.  They haven’t bought yet, but they’ve laid out their options and they say…

“I think these are the things I may want to do. I’m just trying to make up my mind.”

These are people that have not paid anything yet, but have paid a little bit with their time.

The next level of any market is going to be…

4. The Buyer’s Market

This is going to be a much smaller part of the market.  If you don’t know what you’re doing, they can be difficult to find, but it’s the hottest group.

The buyer’s market are the people you want to target and here’s the reason... They are already buying stuff similar to what you’re selling.  They’ve already invested in products like yours.  In other words, they’ve invested in your competitors.  If they’re in the opportunity space, they’ve already joined something.

In the past, they’ve already invested in network marketing or they’ve done affiliate marketing.

The reason the buyer’s market is such a hot market is because they’ve already proven that they’re willing to invest.  That’s why this is the group you should focus on.

One of the original books I read on this subject is “Magnetic Sponsoring,” by Mike Dillard.  It lays out the case for why you would want to target network marketers in your advertising.

I want to be clear, this doesn’t mean poaching.  It means building an audience.  Just like I heard over the weekend, building audience around the goat yoga thing, but not network marketing.  I have the opposite advice.  Forget the goat yoga thing.

Build an audience around network marketing!

The reason is – they already believe in the business model.  Network marketers have already spent money in the industry.  They’ve…

  • Bought tools
  • Bought personal development
  • Paid for events
  • Already shown a willingness to invest in themselves.
  • Pay for autoship

They believe so much they’re willing to take out their wallet and pay for these different things that are going to help them in their business.  People in network marketing who are business builders want to succeed in what they’re doing, so they have a built-in desire to do that.

Network marketers are willing and eager to purchase anything that would help them succeed.  This is why I am partnering with an organization to help you target and build an audience around network marketing.  It’s not so you can poach people.

When your audience is big enough, people will generally fall into a few categories.  They might be open because they believe in the model, because they bought into it at one point, but for whatever reason, it didn’t work out.

People who are not happy in their current situation and they’re thinking of leaving.  They’re told to build old-school, and they’re upline is not being very cooperative, so they’re out the door.  Those are the people you can potentially show your business opportunity.

You’re not poaching them from anything.  They’re open for one reason or another because of their circumstances.

The next group are people that are already happy in what they’re doing, and for those people, you love on them, and you say…

“Good for you – go build Amway or Herbalife. Here are some tools that can help you do that.”

Then you provide support and value.  You build an audience of those people mixed in with all the other people.  That’s what I teach  It’s not to poach.  It’s to build an audience in an arena that is closely aligned with what you’re doing.

Once that audience is growing you can talk to the people that are open to something because they’re out the door from another deal they were working on.  They’re the people you can immediately bring in.  That’s maybe 10% of the market.  That percentage is a much bigger percentage than the percentage you’re going after with regards to your warm market and your cold market.  Then, the 90%, you keep pouring value in and help them in what they’re doing.  I have a system that enables you to do that and make money from those people.  Instead of building the goat yoga brand…

You’re building a brand around network marketing.

You’re leveraging what we’ve already created to help you draw in these people and build a following.  You can serve the 90% who are not interested in what you’re doing, and that’s okay, and you can make money from them too, but guess what?  At some point, something is going to go awry in their business, as well.  Their company gets shut down.  They don’t like their company anymore.  They don’t like their upline.  At some point, a few of those 90%, the timing is right for them to consider something else.  And if you’re audience is big, that means a lot of people eventually coming to you.

You’re the person that’s been in front of them this whole time, pouring value on them and giving them resources that can be useful to them.  At some point, they’re going to reach out and say…

“Hey, Julie, I’m really looking to make a big move in my business and looking for a company to align myself with, and I really like your style. I want to talk.”

Once a month, you can send an email invitation to an online presentation to that audience.  If you have a big audience, you can’t do a lot of one-on-ones, so you can present to a group, and those people can raise their hand and say…

“Yeah, I want to know what Tracy is working on or what Michael is working on.”

That’s the power of a buyer’s market.  If you’re in the weight loss niche, then…

The best people to target are people who are buying your competitor’s stuff.

Target people that are already buying from Weight Watchers, or already buying from Nutrisystem.  What you have obviously is in alignment with what they’re already willing to invest in.  We just take it a step further with the network marketers and we build an audience of people that already believe in our business model.  Then, once or twice a month you reach out to them.  You can have it in your PS in every email.

Just know that 90% of what you need to be doing when you’re building this audience is serving them with what they want to be served with, not with what you want.  That’s the key difference in building an audience.

Then, there’s a subset of this market, which leads to explosive results.

First, though, let’s recap.

I’ve covered the…

  • Clueless
  • Info-seekers
  • Researchers
  • Buyer’s market

I just stated the reasons we go after the buyer’s market.  They don’t have any of the pyramid objections or any of the skepticism.  But the subset of the buyer’s market is a powerful thing that you eventually build towards.

Once you’re effective with building a following, especially the way I teach you, building it online, what happens is a part of that buyer’s market will be…

5. The Leaders

There will be six-figure earners, seven-figure earners, who are following you who are curious how you’ve attracted such a big following using social media.  They’ll want to know about the online strategies that I (and potentially you) am teaching.  Timing will happen for them as well.

I can’t tell you how many times there have been leaders, six-figure and seven-figure earners in the network marketing space, who’ve had their incomes taken away.  Usually it’s because their company got shut down.  Sometimes, though, they…

  • Got terminated for whatever reason
  • Had a disagreement with their company
  • No longer believed in what they were doing
  • Didn’t like the strategies they were being taught

And the company could simply be too old-school for them.  They were successful in this industry and their company, but now, for whatever reason, they decided…

“Hey, this is not right for me so I’m going to move on.”

They’re now looking to make their next move, and if you’re the person that’s in front of them, guess what?  You’re very likely going to be one of the people they reach out to.

That’s what’s been happening in our community.  So many of our members, after only a year or two, were recruiting network marketers who are disenchanted with wherever they’re at now.  Now they’re attracting leaders!

Whit and Cari Higham recruited four six-figure earners into their organization over the past year.  Brandy Shaver has recruited two six-figure earners and one seven-figure earner into her organization.

Julie Burke restarted her business in December.  She had a disagreement with her previous company and said…

“No problem, I’m going to resign and move on.”

A few months later, she announced that she started with a new company starting from zero.  Between December and May, she’s brought into her organization seven six-figure earners and four seven-figure earners.  How powerful is that?

You’re building your audience and then you’re able to attract leaders into your business.  That’s the reason I say that after you’ve done this for a while and built an audience, and a brand…

You start recruiting and attracting people who need minimal training.

That’s a six or seven-figure earner who have a high likelihood of building large teams and driving up volume into your team.

I hope you’re catching the vision for what it is I'm talking about.. I'm not just doing social media recruiting.  I'm not giving you cold market strategies or scripts on what to say.  I'm giving you a strategy that’s going to set you up for your entire life.  You’re building a following in the niche that is aligned directly with what you’re doing.  You’re attracting people to you that already are positive about what you’re doing.  If you build an audience of 10,000 people and 10% of them join your business, well, that’s a thousand people that just joined your business.

You aren’t poaching.  You’re not going out there and trying to convince any of these leaders or any of these networkers to join you.  You’re simply providing value and people will reach out to you.

For those of you who are brand new you’re thinking…

“Oh sure, I’m going to be attracting six and seven-figure earners.”

You don’t even have to believe that part of it right now.  But if you think a strategy that immediately allows you to track people where you’re guaranteed that a subset of the people you’re attracting, let’s say 10%, are potential recruits – and not just any recruits – people already building network marketing businesses, but are ready to make a change.

If we can help you build a system that attracts those people first, and then you can basically refer the other 90% to what we do here and make money from them too, would that be interesting to you?

If yes, then I highly recommend you sign up for my FREE Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

It’s a video course where I’ll walk you through how to build your business using the latest technology—where prospects come to you on a daily basis—already interested in what you’ve got!

You can take advantage of these methods starting today—no matter how much online prospecting and recruiting experience you have currently.  This is, by far, the most efficient (and fun!) way to build your business today.

In fact, I’ll share exactly how my funnels currently generate 20 - 30 leads per day and 1 - 2  customers per day and 10 - 15 serious business builders a month.

Within a year, you can start attracting not only high-caliber networkers in the space that need a new place to be, but you start attracting some six and seven-figure earners.

Hopefully, this was powerful for you and gives you some context as to my approach here.

I hear these questions a lot…

“Why am I being asked to track other network marketers? Aren’t they already in something?”

Yes, and if they’re already in something and they’re happy, you say…

“Good for you, here are some tools that might be able to help you.”

And that’s where we come in.  But, when that person needs a new home, you’re the potential home.

So if you’re ready to get started…



XOXO - Julie K