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Online Strategies. Simplified.

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or an inspiring online entrepreneur, I'll show you how to build and scale your business using simple, proven online business processes that will help you scale and turn your dreams into reality.

Hi Im Julie Kinne

As a wife and mom, I knew I wanted to show my three daughters how to be a #GirlBOSS. You know, someone that takes control, accepts responsibility and turns their dream of entrepreneurship into reality.

I started in network marketing, and went from no sign ups to 15 - 20 sign ups a month; and was the top enroller on a team of 15,000 month after month.

Then I launched into affiliate marketing company and  became a top earner in a community of over 2000+ marketers.

That’s when I realized, it doesn’t matter what your end offer it, it’s all about using simple online strategies to grow your business.

Today, I help women entrepreneurs grow their business online.

Whether it’s learning how to get unlimited leads online using automation or it’s launching a 6 - 7 figure online course in 30 days…

I’ve gotcha.

If you been waiting on a sign that this is your time… this is it.

Oh, and one more thing.

Here’s the rest of the story, I not only taught my 18 and 20 year old daughters, how to do this, but we built a 7 figure a year/online business in the process.

This is why  I’m passionate about showing all entrepreneurial-minded women how to do the same.

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My Products
  • lead-generation

    Unlimited Leads Challenge

    This immersive live, online course will let you in on the proven secrets that high-ticket coaches use to generate qualified leads, on autopilot.

    Whether you're trying to grow your network marketing team, or you're a coach who's looking for more of those "perfect customers", we'll show you how.

  • course-creator-challenge

    Course Creator Academy

    If you've thought about taking your unique strength or passion, and building an online passive income stream (or empire), this is for you.

    Get crystal clear on your vision, hone your skills, and start providing value that will drive more and more passive income and creating a steady flow of paying customers who will buy again and again.