Hey Boss Girl...


I know you are dreaming about your why and what life will look like when you finally take the leap to slay your dreams because


Staying stuck in a cycle of not enough people to talk to...

Searching “How do I grow my business online” on google…

Feeling like you could catch your dream if you just knew what to do next.

And I see you because I know you …

And I know you because I WAS you.

I'm Julie

And for 6 years I chased the network marketing dream…

I talked to all of my friends and family at least 3 times, gathered phone numbers from strangers in the Starbucks line, messaged strangers on social media, cold-called 200 people a day, called 10 managers a day at their place of work and posted a crap-ton of pictures about my products and company…and...


I was chasing everyone around me and I hated it

I had turned into a salesy person and my family and friends were avoiding me

I had become an inauthentic person online trying to just get someone to talk to me.

… and worst of all, I still didn't have enough qualified people to talk to


If so, then you probably also know what it feels like to….

Want a real online business that’s on automatic but still asking yourself if it is even possible?

Be PAINFULLY aware that even after you created a vision board, it didn't magically create results and your dream is fading… 

Be desperate, and I mean really… with every fiber of your being...desperate, for change.


I gotchu…cause I’ve been there.

And one day, while sitting alone at my desk, the tears started to flow 😢

I knew I was at a crossroads…



I was angry that I had wasted time playing small.

I was angry that I had been wasting time doing things that were not a part of my dream.

I was angry that I was listening to my up-line who was still using outdated dead methods that don't work any more

I was angry that it was completely possible to build a rocking team online as I watched "A Players" go on private jets, monthly Disney trips with their kids and buy their dream homes.  They were living my dream of a laptop lifestyle and…

And I was angry that I allowed myself to stay stuck.


I Learn a new way...

I hired multiple high ranking trainers that taught me how to fine tune my skills and get prospects to fill out an application to talk with me and join my team. 🎯 🎯

And I learned to use social media to attract the right prospects ⚡️

I discovered there are millions of people around the world that are looking for what I have to offer

My job was to put my message in front of them..so my team would grow rapidly. 🤯


Since jumping into the online world of media marketing, I’ve…

Totally reignited my passion for my business and I wake up every day excited to create,  inspire and lead by example.

Become a top earner in both affiliate and network marketing companies and built a tribe of +15k followers and subscribers that continually buy from me

Helped countless others grow their biz from just a few thousand more a month to over $34k a month...all using automated lead generation

AND I Now Coach and Consult with hundreds of business leaders that are looking to catch their dreams and live a true laptop lifestyle.

So Dreamcatcher... IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP AND:

Turn your side hustle into profitability

Be the person you know you are and see yourself being

STOP sitting on the sidelines and jump into the game

Understand how to create a tribe that you love to be around and that turns your dreams into reality

Build an online brand that people search out and you become their destination

Set up an auto-pilot recruiting machine with real online strategies

Get Social Media Success Now


I know you're also:

Scared about stepping into the unknown and you want to know exactly what it is going to look like before you take the next step.  

Unsure if you are if you are even in the right company to realize your dreams 

Nervous because a new experience is always scary and uncomfortable 

You won’t follow through with your hustle and that would mean a fail.. 

That's why I'm here to help.

A PERSONALIZED STRATEGY SESSION - This is where we will dive deep into what is working, what isn’t working and develop a 100% personalized plan that works for you

Simplification - The laptop lifestyle is meant to keep your schedule free to live the dream, right? So I created a couple of pathways and you get to choose what will work best for you. Because Dreamcatchers, like you, prefer a step-by-step process that will scale your business online, fast!

Fun - I know you are fun because you have an uh-mazing dream and I believe that life is meant to be lived. That’s why when we connect, it will be like connecting with a friend over coffee. But don’t worry, it may be fun, but you think big and have ideas that are truly original. You’ve surrounded yourself with people who are engaged, honest, and confident enough on their own quest to support you on yours; and this, my friend.. is fun!


I’m here because everyone needs a someone in their corner that not only cheers them on, but offers practical insight as to what is holding you back.  

I’m here because everyone needs someone to help cut through the fears and help you discover your branded passion that has people reaching out to you for help.  

I’m here because everyone needs someone to give them a step-by-step business strategy that is 100% aligned with your vision and values so you can launch online and with confidence. 

Together, we'll create an automated lead generation machine that only brings in the most highly qualiafied prospects that are likely to convert

Buckle Up… And Invest In Your Dreams…

There Is ONE Way You Can Work With Me